How i started collecting beer cans


I was always interested in collecting things. Stones, Stamps, Mickey Mouse magazines and much more from the usual stuff.
I lost interest in collecting, at the time i start to go out and had more fun with girls, partys and of course the first contacts with this golden liquid called BEER!
A few years later i visit a festival in a small village. There was a Colombian bar with original beers from this country - in cans! I was so fascinated from the taste of this beer, so i asked for the can. It was my first one! (Club Colombia 250ml)
Short after this historic moment i went with 2 mates to Croatia where we bought a few cans at a fuel station. After the journey i found the empty cans in the car and picked them up to display them next to my Columbian can!
In August 1995 i had an inspiration: I start collecting beer cans! Yes!From this holy day i visited as many stores as possible to hunt all new cans coming on the market!
In October 1995 i travelled with a friend to Brazil. A really good place to find many new cans! My second Hobby was born: Travelling!
Since that time a travelled to many countrys around the globe and instead of visiting museums i first check out all the supermarkets, bottle shops and grocerys! Meanwhile i also collect full Absolut Vodka Bottles 1000ml, most of them only avaiable in Duty Free Shops at the Airport. In 2010 i started a new Hobby, running, finished already 3 Marathons and of course my Running Shohes will travel with me around the globe. The latest Hobby is semi professional photography and my Olympus OMD EM1 Mark II is also travelling with me the most times!


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