MAY 2022

Ottakringer Radler Kirsche Printed 0,5l
Bierol Spruce Willis Spruce TIR IPA (limited) Paper Label 0,44l
Bierol Rotes Öl Tyrolean Red Ale (limited) Paper Label 0,44l

APRIL 2022

Heineken Cheers to all Fans Edition Printed 0,5l
Landgraf Premium Märzen Printed 0,5l
Landgraf Schankbier Printed 0,5l
Landgraf Zitronen Radler Printed 0,5l
Loncium Fantasy Neipa (Limited Edition) Paper Label 0,33l
Bierol Upside Down DDH Pale Ale (limited) Paper Label 0,44l
Bierol Flüssiges Brot Gose (limited) Paper Label 0,44l
Bierol Bleami in your hair Tyrolian Wit (limited) Paper Label 0,44l
Bevog Baja Oatmeal Stout Paper Label 0,33l

MARCH 2022

Bevog Exqueeze me Tusky Dry Hopped Lager (limited) Paper Label 0,5l
Bevog Rudeen Black IPA Paper Label 0,33l
Bevog OND Smoked Porter Paper Label 0,33l
Bierol Cold Stroke Pale Ale (limited) Paper Label 0,44l
Bierol Big Bam Boom Belgian Pale Ale (limited) Paper Label 0,44l
Bierol under the Moon of Love IPA (limited) Paper Label 0,44l
Bierol Ventilator Weizen Doppelbock (limited) Paper Label 0,44l
Bierol El Patron Double IPA (limited) Paper Label 0,44l
Bevog African Forrest Elephant Nitro Chocolate Imerial Stout (Strong Limited) Paper Label 0,5l
Bevog New England Cottontail DDH Hazy DIPA (Strong Limited) Paper Label 0,5l
Gösser Natur Hell Printed 0,5l
Schwechater Alkoholfrei Printed 0,5l


Bevog Scottish Wildcat Robust Porter (strong Limited) Paper Label 0,33l
Stiegl 0,0% Freibier (Sample can not for Sale) Printed Slim can 0,33l
Bevog Scalloped Hammerhead Shark Belgian IPA (strong Limited) Paper Label 0,5l


Bevog Rusty-Patched Bumble Bee Pilsner (strong Limited) Paper Label 0,5l
Ottakringer Falco Brew Limited Edition
Printed 0,5l