MAY 2023

Ottakringer Ottarocker Limited Nova Rock Edition Printed 0,5l
Ottakringer Inselbier Limited Festival Edition 40 Jahre Donau Insel Fest Printed 0,5l
Ottakringer Bio-Zwickl Hell Printed 0,5l
Ottakringer Radler Wassermelone Limited Edition Printed 0,5l
Next Level Coldfinger Cold IPA (limited) Paper Label 0,33l
Bierol Spruce Willis Spruce Tip IPA (limited) Printed 0,33l
1050 Tilted Wheat Lager (Limited) Paper Label 0,33l
1050 Brewbies Pale Ale (Limited) Paper Label 0,33l
1050 10er Ziegel Helles (Limited) Paper Label 0,33l
1050 Daydream Saison (Limited) Paper Label 0,33l
Bevog Winchat Double Dry Hopped Sour IPA (strong Limited) Paper Label 0,5l
Bierol Basil Brain Basilikum Blonde Paper Label 0,44l

APRIL 2023

Karlskrone Schankbier Printed 0,5l
Muttermilch Indira Blondi IPA Paper Label 0,44l
Stiegl Radler Naturtrüb Zitrone 0,0% Printed Sleek 0,33l
Stiegl Radler Naturtrüb Himbeer-Zitrone 0,0% Printed Sleek 0,33l
Loncium Everybodies Darling Pale Ale Collab with Tom & Harry (limited) Paper Label 0,33l
Loncium Lemonrose & Mary Beer Collab with Bierix (limited) Paper Label 0,33l

MARCH 2023

Bevog Mary River Turtle Oat IPA (strong Limited) Paper Label 0,5l
Bierol Aeddix No Diggity Hazy IPA (very strong limited) Printed 0,33l
Bierol Hardigatti Neo Zwickl New Artist Series illustrated by Carina Leikermoser (strong Limited) Printed 0,33l
Bierol Blitzbirn Neo Zwickl New Artist Series illustrated by Patrick ‘da Bartl’ Bartel (strong Limited) Printed 0,33l
Bierol Zapfn Bio Zirbenradler (Core Edition) Printed 0,33l


Loncium New World Neipa (limited) Paper Label 0,33l
Bevog Clouded Leopard DDH Hazy IPA (strong Limited) Paper Label 0,5l
Bierol El Patron Double IPA (Limited Edition) Paper Label 0,33l
Bierol Sunn Seiterl Bio Golden Ale (Core Edition) Printed 0,33l


Bergkönig Starkbier Printed 0,5l
Bergkönig Märzen Printed 0,5l
Bevog Orange Roughy Double IPA (strong Limited) Paper Label 0,5l
Bevog Makatea Fruit Dove Modern Pilsner (strong Limited) Paper Label 0,5l